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what is the difference between WS2801 APA102 APA104 WS2812B

Good quality High efficiency LED Strip for sales
Good quality High efficiency LED Strip for sales
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what is the difference between WS2801 APA102 APA104 WS2812B

ws2801 is a old ic , which is stable ,have data ,clcok way ,GND anode output ,nowadays, we put them on led strip to control leds , but ws2801 ic can not bulid in the led chip , so those leds on per meter number is small ,can not make 60leds/m . in addtion ,ws2801 price is expensive.Normally hot sale one is ws2801 32leds 32ics
Last years ,there was some new ic led chip come out , they are ws2811 led , ws2812b led , normally , ws2811 led and ws2812b mean a led 5050 chip which have ic bulid inside ,in fact they have a same ic inside 5050 chip ,they are ws2811 ic , but why their name is different ? Because ws2811 led have 6legs on 5050, ws2812b just only 4legs, but their parameter is same . Both of them only have 3 wire output , they are data, gnd ,anode ,not include clock way , so they are not as fast as ws2801, refresh will be slowly , but they can make more leds in one meter leds strip ,so in the market ,there are 60leds ,72leds 144leds per meter led strip in the market.but sometimes is not very stable
Nowadays ,there are some new build in ic led chip ,one is APA102 LED ,another is APA104 LED, , Apa102 is not only can be build in ic in the 5050 cihp as same as ws2812b,ws2811,but also have 4way output ,include data, clock ,Gnd,anode which is as same as ws2801,but it is much cheaper than ws2801 led strip . So their frequency speed is fast ,more than 400hz/s, and they can make more than 144leds apa102 leds in one meter ,
APA104 have the same shape as ws2812b,ws2811, can be compatible as ws2812b,ws2811, can be use same control with ws2812b, but APA104 HAVE Default color when it start ,and it is more stable and cheaper ,in the near future , i think APA102 APA104 will replace ws2801,ws2811,ws2812b lpd8806
In fact ,there some same parameter when you use those led strip , such ws2812b,ws2811,ws2811,apa102 led strip gray scale is 256, compled 16777216 types of color ,all of them can be addressable ,programmable digital.



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